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Flooring is an essential component of a house. It anchors the house to the ground, provides support, and adds aesthetic value to the house. When making decisions regarding this important housing component, one ought to consider Laminate flooring.


What is Laminate flooring?

It is a multi-layer artificial flooring product. The flooring simulates wood or stone with a photographic appliqué layer below a transparent protective layer. Fiberboard materials and melanin resin make the inner core layer. In recent times, this type of flooring has grown substantially in popularity. This trend could be due to a number of reasons:

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  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Cost efficiency
  • Hygiene finish
  • Durability


Laminate floors are quite easy for a homeowner to install. Manufacturers of the product package it as several groove planks and tongue, which a homeowner can easily click into position. What’s more, some manufacturers provide glue backing to provide more ease to installation. When installed, the flooring lies on top of the sub floor and above foam or film underlayment to reduce moisture and sound.

Experts recommend a gap between Laminate flooring and any fixed object such as a wall to allow the flooring to expand without obstruction. One can remove skirting boards and then reinstall after layering the floor for a hygienic finish. Alternatively, one can fit small beading trims fitted to the baseboards.


Laminate vs. Hardwood

Creators of Laminate originally made it as a cost efficient alternative to hardwood. A homeowner’s choice between these two alternatives solely depends on his/her taste and budget. Both types offer a wide variety of attractive design for virtually every taste.

Laminate is the best bet for a busy household with children and pets. The reason is that it is durable and easy to maintain. Nevertheless, one needs to take extra care for this flooring to ensure it beats the test of time. On budget matters, it is worth noting that laminate is less costly than hardwood.


Laminate vs. Vinyl

Laminate and vinyl flooring are quite similar. First, they are both synthetic and easy to clean. The difference between the two floors lies in the cleaning method. Homeowners can incorporate different designs for both types of floors. Essentially, one can make the floor to look like any material of his/her choice whether metal, wood, or even leather.

On differences, Laminate flooring has a non-resilient surface while vinyl has a resilient one. Additionally, Laminate is easy to install while vinyl requires some background knowledge and experience with objects necessary for home improvement.


Where to get Laminate flooring  

With the aforementioned comparisons in mind, one can comfortably decide whether to go for Laminate Flooring. In case the floor suits one’s taste, budget, and lifestyle, s/he can proceed to make buying decisions. With this digital and e-commerce age, one can easily purchase this product online. The first thing to do online is a background check on the available providers based on affordability, return policy, and delivery time. Once these aspects are in check, one can proceed to make a purchase and install his/her trendy new flooring.