Our Laminate Flooring Products

Our laminate flooring design catalogue is set to make a fashion statement for your home. The LaminateFlooring.my product range will suit your contemporary tastes while still staying true to the facets of conventional functionality. When you fit your interiors with our conceptualized designs, they will feel cozier and be more pleasing to the eye.

To give your home that crisp sheen, LaminatedFlooring.my offers you a choice of products based on three themes;

  1. The 8mm laminate flooring
  2. The 12mm laminate flooring
  3. The water proof laminate flooring


(i) 8mm Laminate Flooring Malaysia

The 8mm laminate flooring collection comes with a choice of naturally elegant surfaces which are for the moderate foot traffic. If your home has light traffic, then the 8mm laminate flooring is quite apt for your floors. This is our most popular laminate and what’s more, it’s quite affordable too.

At LaminateFlooring.my, we offer you with a wide array of colors, styles and designs, along with quality and great residential warranties. Among the 8mm laminate flooring types we offer include; Nockstein Walnut, Napoli Alder, Meersburg Rosewood White Oak Regal Maple, Andes Panga, Country Oak and Castillo Spruce among others.

Our customers can always be sure they are getting the best prices in the market because they are buying from LaminateFlooring.my.


(ii) 12mm Laminate Flooring Malaysia

The 12mm laminate flooring collection is renowned for standing its own in high traffic areas and comes highly recommended for the home owner who is for a sturdy and robust surface. If your home experiences high traffic, then the 12mm laminate flooring will fit quite snugly into your overall plan.

At LaminateFlooring.my, our customers should expect the 12mm laminate flooring to come in a variety of styles, colors and designs with a product which has been structured to offer superior quality and a rock solid warranty. Among the 12mm laminate flooring types we offer include; Valencia Pine, Snow Oak, Montana Pine, Lusio Pine, Light Hickory, Dark Walnut, Maple Plank and Black Walnut.

Our 12mm laminate flooring is no exception to our rule of the best prices and the best quality laminates in the market. Buying at LaminateFlooring.my, comes with the added freedom of designing your interior space the way you want it to be.


(iii) Water Proof Laminate Flooring Malaysia

As a home owner, you definitely desire a design that mimics the elegant tapestry of your innate nature, a floor you’re proud to show off to your guests, and that one will last without needing to be replaced or continually maintained. If this is your ideal setup, then what you need is waterproof flooring that still looks like wood. Our water proof vinyl laminate flooring is most ideal for workplaces, social spaces and rooms that experience a lot of continuous traffic.

It’s perfect for laundry areas, hallways, external entries, bathrooms and areas where moisture is most common. With the textured finish of natural wood and being extremely durable, the water proof laminate flooring looks exceptionally great in any space.