If you are planning on installing laminate flooring, you will undoubtedly have to deal with the installation around the doors. And you can’t get seamless flooring if the flooring doesn’t fit right under the door frames. If you are having trouble facing this doorway obstacle, don’t worry, we have you covered. Below is a step by step guide on how to appropriately install laminate flooring around your doorway.


Trim You Door Jamb

Before installing your laminate flooring you need to create some room for it and the best way to do so is to trim the molding that veils the door frames and the door jamb. If there was old laminate flooring that has now been removed, you might already have enough room to install the new flooring so there wouldn’t be any need to trim the door jamb. If this is your first installation however, you will need to get an undercut saw to trim the molding flawlessly.

To do this, stack a small piece of laminate flooring over the foam that is adjacent to the door jamb. This underlayment is usually included in the laminate flooring package. The foam usually serves as a cushion and sound barrier once the floor is installed. By stacking the underlayment foam and the laminate, you are inadvertently creating a gauge block which will be about the same height as the door. Take your undercut saw and place it on top of the gauge with the toothed edge facing the door’s casing. Then gently saw the door’s molding plus the jamb that lies posteriorly while still maintaining the saw on top of the block. Be careful not to cut anything above the gauge block lest you create more room than is necessary leaving a conspicuous gap between the laminate flooring and the door jamb. Also try and avoid sawing the framing lumber that is concealed by the door jamb. Cutting into it will destroy the integrity of that door. Clear out the door jamb and molding cut pieces.

Test your trimming by sliding the gauge block beneath the door jamb. Ideally it should fit snuggly without having to force it in.


Measure The Threshold Laminate Pieces

You are done with the trimming and have created enough room to incorporate the laminate flooring, now it’s time to measure and mark the pieces of laminate flooring that will go on your doorway. To do this, take a framing square and slide it under the freshly cut gap until it knocks the door frame. This measurement will give you the depth of the door jamb. Measure the insides of the door jambs as well.


Cut The Laminate

Using your measurements as a guide, cut out the correct size of the laminate. You can use a jigsaw to make the clean cuts with notches. Before cutting into the laminate, make sure that the top side is facing down.


Install Laminate

You can now install the notched laminate onto the floor. But first trim off the top groove of the laminate plank if the flooring uses a click-lock tongue and groove system. Once you have cut out the groove, use a planner slide in notched laminate plank beneath the door jamb and push the pieces into place.