Your laminate flooring needs the right molding and trim to enhance installation and bring out a visual appeal. Nothing does these flooring finishes better than Molding & Trim Laminate Flooring Malaysia.

The right mold and trim covers the spaces allowed for natural expansion and movement of a laminate floor on top of the subfloor. They also bring out smooth bridge transitions to an adjacent floor of a different or same material.


Tailored Services

We offer excellent services and products that ensure your flooring finishes suit your needs. You can request for trim and molding that:

  • Are coordinated to match your laminate floor
  • Have contrasted colors to accentuate the design of your floor

At, Malaysia, we offer a wide variety of Molding & Trim Laminate Flooring Malaysia wood products. We ensure the wood is excellent to ensure an attractive finishing while lasting long.


Different types

We stock a broad range of molding options for your laminate flooring. The options include:

  • Quarter round molding
  • Flush stair nose
  • Baby Threshold Molding
  • T- molding
  • Overlap step nose
  • Multi-purpose Reducer

Our Quarter Round Moldings give appealing finishes to the spaces where your walls or basements meet the flooring.

We also provide attractive Flush Stair nose Moldings to connect to laminate boards since we understand the importance of having the same level surface or plane for visual appeal. Our entire professional team of Molding & Trim Laminate Flooring Malaysia is ready to install these types of finishes. We will ensure your step-downs stairs and landings have an attractive edge to protect you and others against the impact of foot traffic.


Our Baby Threshold

  • Provides bridging of slight vertical heights differences at sliding glass doors, along door thresholds, wall bases, fireplaces, and the meeting lines of another floor covering and the laminate floor.
  • Gives an appealing finishing where you cannot use quarter round molding

The Overlap Step Nose is suitable where the flooring meets a landing or a step-down. It functions almost in the same way as a flush stair nose. However, its profile is slightly raised.


We can also install T-molding where:

  • Your laminate flooring continues into another room through a passageway or doorway
  • There are spaces between two pieces of laminate flooring in your home and you need then to get an appealing transition


Our Multi-purpose Reducer has a slight slope to enhance a smooth transition:

  • From your laminate flooring to another flooring type
  • In spaces where the laminate flooring meets a vertical surface
  • Where you cannot use wall base and quarter round moldings

Laminate Flooring Contractor, Malaysia, is there to ensure your finishes give the appropriate visual appeal. We ensure the laminate flooring moldings and trims produce a decorative and a satisfying complete look that will bring about a defining feature of your room.

Our professional team comes equipped with all types of trims and molds. We have an excellent structure for our services to ensure you save time and money while getting the best.


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