Your commercial property interior should reflect the professionalism and vision of your business., understands this. That is why we stock a wide range of commercial laminate floors products to ensure your business stands out.


Why Choose

Whether you need commercial laminate floor installation, repair or maintenance, is there to save you the pain. As a thought leader in the market,

  • We install the floor within no time to minimize disruption of your business
  • We bring with us a range of styles and effects to suit your choice and needs
  • Our services leave your commercial floor in a professional and authentic look
  • Our team of professionals is skilled and experienced to ensure they do not mess with your commercial image
  • We stock a range of quality commercial laminate floors and have the necessary tools of work
  • Our prices are affordable

It is the image enhancing and money saving ability of our laminate floors that can make all the difference in the world of business. Commercial settings can use laminate flooring since it is a versatile material that can be developed to meet the setting’s needs.

Many clients in the world of business have fallen in love with our commercial laminate floors since they need minimal maintenance. Our commercial-grade laminate flooring is capable of withstanding the heavy foot traffic that is inevitable in these busy settings.


Choosing a Commercial Laminate Flooring that Suits your Commercial Setting

Our laminate flooring options have expert deigns to replicate the natural look of floor coverings like hardwood. Therefore, we save you the headache of finding your choice. Apart from style, be sure to look for AC rating for your commercial floor setting.

Our professional team is always ready to help you choose among the AC ratings and the many stylish options. AC ratings are common terms that indicate the degree of laminate floors durability. They indicate the suitability of the laminate floors and the amount of foot traffic that the floors can sustain.

In many cases, laminate floors have a rate of AC1 to AC5 based on their suitability:

  • AC1-AC2: for residential applications
  • AC3: in light commercial settings such as reception rooms
  • AC4 to AC5: for heavy commercial settings such as showrooms

The knowledge of laminate flooring AC rating is crucial since major problems can arise if your laminate flooring has a lower rating. It may fail to withstand the high traffic in a heavy commercial setting.

We at, care for your business. We ensure you do not have to replace your flooring due to cracks and unsightly scratches. Such issues can tarnish your business. Due to this, our laminate flooring experts are always ready to go out of their way just to ensure that your floor is appropriate for your commercial needs.

Be sure to choose us for you to get the best out of our qualified staff. We know the exact type of laminate floor that suits your business. Call us for more information, a free quote and advice.

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