One of the most sought after homes in the real estate scene is an older traditional home or cabins with their original hardwood floors which give them antique and natural warmth. Wood gives a home a unique and timeless appearance. Newer generations of homeowners are looking to recreate these same antique homes by using laminates which are a wood lookalike plus they are cheaper and just as durable. Already impressed? Well, here are a few more pros that might make this flooring option hard to resist.


  • An affordable alternative. The reality of what your bank account can afford and what the flooring costs could be miles apart. Let’s consider hardwood floors which are harvested from trees. The more exotic the trees, the higher the price for the flooring. Moreover the costs incurred to install the hard wood itself are not cheap either. Laminates on the other hand, are made from composite wood which has been pressed together under very high temperatures. A resolution of hardwood is then printed and layered over the composite wood to create the complete laminate which is less expensive. In addition, the cost of installing laminate flooring is on average 50% less compared to that of installing hardwood floors.


  • Highly durable. Laminates are arguably the most durable flooring options available today. Designed for durability and laced with tough finishes, laminates are able to withstand varying levels of foot traffic and harsh environmental factors. Stain, spill, dent, fade and scratch resistant, laminates are very easy to maintain and can still withstand high traffic areas such as offices and restaurants. And even if the floor boards are damaged, repair is quick and easy. All it takes is replacing the floor boards with new ones and with glueless types of laminates this can be easily done by the homeowners without assistance from a professional.


  • Wide variety of styles. Laminates are available in a wide array of tile, stone and wood finishes. And all of these are sold in different colors, plank thickness, style and surface treatments. This makes it easy for homeowners to tailor their laminate choice to meet their exact flooring needs. For instance, if you have a high traffic area like an office that you would like to laminate, it’s better to choose thicker laminate plants with higher AC rating i.e. 3 and above. Conversely, if you just want to laminate your living room which doesn’t see the same amount of traffic as the office, you don’t have to spend as much money on thick planks; instead you can focus on getting a surface design that is appealing.


  • Environmentally conservative. According to North American Laminate Flooring Association, since the laminates are made out of paper, manufacture does not have to harvest exotic trees as is the case with hardwood flooring. Moreover, unlike a few carpets and rugs, laminates are not laced with large number of elements that can affect the quality of indoor air. When laminates get damaged, they can easily be disposed without damage to the surrounding environment.


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