With the printing capabilities and enhanced realism of modern laminate flooring making them appear more gorgeous than ever before, today’s surfaces are hugely different from the styles that were first introduced in the late 1970’s. Moreover, superior finishes owing to modern technology has made laminate flooring more durable than ever before.

What is even more timeless is the amazing value,ease of installation as well as the low-maintenance laminate floors provide.

Elegant laminate flooring will set the stage for the home of your dreams. Below are 10 quick features that make this product hard to resist;

  1. With the glue-less locking system, laminate flooring is simple to install. The tongue-and-groove helps to create a tight connection, reduces time needed for installation and also offers a lifetime warranty.
  2. Laminate flooring is easy to clean. Spills or stains just need a broom, a slightly damp mop or vacuum. Manufacturing technology also prevents dust or dirt from getting trapped between the planks’ edges.
  3. Every day wear and tear stands no chance against laminate flooring as the top layer is infused with aluminum crystals to provide incredible surface protection. This makes it the perfect choice for every kind of traffic and location.
  4. Laminate flooring provides homeowners with the opportunity of creating the look they crave, giving their home great style for much less. With the glue-less locking system, installation expenses for adhesives are eliminated.
  5. Homeowners want elegant floors and modern technology delivers. Laminate flooring with patterns and beautiful replicates of a variety of natural surfaces allows designs that roll over the edge of the laminate planks for an unparalleled realistic visual.
  6. Another emerging trend has been buying goods that have been made in the United States. For North American consumers who are looking for ways to stimulate the economy, buying laminate flooring products manufactured stateside is one brilliant idea.
  7. With an increasing demand for eco-friendly products, laminate flooring has not been left behind. Thecore of a laminate plank is made of ecologically sustainable post-industrial wood waste and/or pine treeswhich have might otherwise been dumped in a landfill or burned.
  8. Interior designers demand the most options possible and laminate flooring manufacturers have answered their call. Laminate planks are offered in a variety of lengths and widths that truly capture the styles homeowners are looking for, especially the high-gloss finish that’s in high demand.
  9. Laminate flooring offers the solid sound of real hardwood as well as a more substantial feel because HDF core construction enhances stability. Additionally, the thermo-fused backing provides a protective barrier against moisture seeping up from the subfloor which can cause boardcuppingor warping.
  10. Because laminate flooring is quick to clean and will not absorb dust particles like carpets, it benefits people with allergies. Laminate is also quite the sanitary product since theplastic exteriorand air-tight locking system creates a shield against any potential dampness. Laminate won’t expand or contract like real hardwood does.And should permanent damage be caused to the surface or the core-board, or even moisture seep in, laminate flooring is easy and cheaper to replace.


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