About LaminateFlooring.my

Wood floorings may have been around for some time now but at present, they are the in-thing, and are significantly growing in popularity as people begin to appreciate their inherent beauty. This type of engineered wood flooring may not be made out of real wood, but to many, it’s a highly esteemed type of flooring as it is cheaper in the long run, and it provides home owners with the best option when it comes to wood flooring.

This means that as a home owner, if your floors are laid with the more conventional tiles or even marbled veneers and you want to give your floors a nifty facelift, choosing laminated flooring is certainly the best option for you. Laminated flooring is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also durably sturdy in addition to having the flexible capability to fulfill hordes of other purposes.

At www.LaminateFlooring.my, we have built our reputation through delivering the highest quality wood flooring products and services consistently to our customers. Our consumer base spreads far and wide, from Johor Bahru through Melaka and the Klang Valley to the farthest corners of Kuala Lumpur through Penang and Sarawak City, and other major Cities as well.


Why LaminateFlooring.my, Malaysia?

Our main mission as LaminateFlooring.my, is to always strive to provide our customers with concise information coupled with the best and most flooring products and services that are also fair to the pocket. Our company provides customers with more than just wood flooring products; we will supply, build, and recreate your dream home to make a style statement with our range of robust and innovative laminate floors.

Our level of service is structured to bring value to your home while providing a variety of savings in terms of costs and time. To ensure that we give you the best, our laminate flooring has been designed to withstand every kind of stress, including walking feet and even your pets. In addition, the laminate flooring is;

  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Very easy and handy to clean
  • Resistant to holding in dandruff and animal fur
  • Attractive enough to appear as solid hardwood or other natural surface
  • Able to offer an affordable option in comparison to other flooring options

At LaminateFlooring.my, we are ready to satisfy your particular needs because we stock a wide range of products which include laminated wood, vinyl flooring and engineered wood. Among the many reasons customers prefer our services include;

  • We satisfy our orders immediately after they’ve been placed
  • We make sure we have adequate stocks of anything you need
  • We install the laminate flooring within the shortest time possible
  • We perform an in-depth check upon completion
  • We sort out any technical mishaps that may occur during installation

Our products are stick to the highest hygienic levels and will need no hacking before they are installed. For more information, feel free to contact us for the latest designs, or simply to answer any queries you might have.